Adult and Child Dental Cleaning in Seattle


Are you looking for a place to get a dental cleaning in Seattle? It is recommended that everyone, adult or child have their teeth checked and cleaned every six months. Over time plague and tartar can accumulate on and around your teeth and under your gums. Plaque and tartar are simply colonies of bacteria that have stuck to and then calcified onto your teeth. Even with regular brushing and flossing almost everyone gets build up of plaque and tatrtar somewhere in their mouth. Once tartar(calcified plaque) has accumulated, it is impossible for someone to remove it themselves. If left long enough this bacteria can lead to cavities, gum disease and inflammation(gingivitis) and even bone loss around your teeth. Regular cleanings to remove these deposits will prevent this from happening.

For those who have periodontal(gum) disease now or in the past, or accumulate excessive tartar, it may be necessary to have your teeth cleaned more frequently.


We are very happy to see children at our office for a dental cleaning in Seattle. It is recommended that children first come to the dental office to be checked by age one. Generally, a child’s cleaning is an easy and fun experience where their teeth and mouth are checked, polished, and treated with fluoride.

Time will be spent helping them develop good oral hygiene and home care habits.

Usually cleanings are combined with an exam by the dentist, and yearly x-rays if needed. Regular cleanings and exams insure that any developing problems are caught early to prevent them from causing pain or permanent damage.

If you are looking for a great dentist for your dental cleaning in Seattle, contact us today!