Dr. Kussick is an experienced dentist who performs Dental Implants in Seattle.

What are Dental Implants?

Implants are used to replace missing teeth. They are now the “Gold Standard” for tooth replacement. A dental implant is a metal cylinder surgically placed in the jawbone to replace the root of a missing tooth. Once the implant integrates with the bone usually a crown is placed on top of it to complete the replacement of the missing tooth. It is possible to place several implants if more than one tooth is missing. Also, implants can be used to vastly improve the stability and retention of a poorly fitting denture.

The advantages of using dental implants over other means of tooth replacement include:

  • Replaces missing teeth, even in areas where a bridge can’t
  • Very natural looking
  • Permanently fixed in place
  • Easy to maintain
  • Virtually problem-free
  • Long lasting
  • Eliminates the need to drill on adjacent teeth

Dental Implants SeattleHow are Dental Implants done?

Contrary to what people may think, placement of implants has become very routine and successful. The actual placement procedure is all but pain-free as well. The typical process involves two steps. First the implant is placed by the dentist or implant surgeon.

This is followed by a four month waiting period while the implant fuses with the jawbone. During this time it is possible to place a temporary tooth if appearance is a concern. Once the implant has integrated with the bone, similar to a tooth root, it can then be readily restored with a crown, or function as an attachment point for a bridge or denture.

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